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One of our own, Abi Jenkins has been awarded as one of the Top 100 Business Women In Wales 2018.

When it comes to running a business successfully, Abi Jenkins of Rails Direct in Lampeter knows exactly what it takes.

Her determination and commitment to her business have helped it to grow from the ground up and that has ensured that it is now considered to be one of the finest suppliers of rails in the UK. Of course, starting any kind of business is a daunting task but Abi has always believed in her ability and that is why she decided to turn her attention to running her own business.

Abi Jenkins (Pictured left)

So, after years of hard work and effort, Abi is now being recognised for all that she has achieved as she was nominated for the top 100 business women in Wales.

Which is no mean feat in itself.

Especially, when you consider just how many businesswomen there are in Wales at the moment.

The event, which was held at the Mercure Hotel, Cardiff on the 28th November 2018 saw some of the most inspirational and influential women in Wales come together to celebrate all that they have achieved during their time in business.

What sets Abi apart is her commitment to working in an industry that maybe should have more women in it but she has shown that nothing will stand in her way when it comes to finding real success.

Growing a business like Rails Direct requires a real grit and a confidence that has enabled it to stand out from the crowd. All of that success is down to Abi and her team. From the day to day running of her business, to seeking out new ideas and pushing the business forward, Abi devotes much of her time to the business and this nomination for the top 100 women in Wales has proven that anything is possible.

However, as if being nominated was not enough, Abi actually went on to win and although she was surprised, she knows that all of this was down to her sheer effort and the team that help to drive the business forward.

After winning she said “It was such a surprise to win, especially after being surrounded by so many amazing women, all of which have succeeded in the same way that I have. For Rails Direct, this is just the beginning and we have so much more to offer. This win proves that with self-belief and confidence in your business, you can achieve anything.”

So, the future of Rails Direct is an exciting one, especially when you consider that Abi is the real driving force of the business.

This award shows that Abi is the one to watch because she not only runs a successful business but she is an inspiration to all aspiring business women out there. This award indicates that Rails Direct is aiming high and with Abi, in the driving seat the business is sure to grow way beyond any targets that she sets. This is simply because Abi has clearly indicated that she really does mean business.