How to give your garden an instant makeover without breaking the bank

How to give your garden an instant makeover without breaking the bank

With summer approaching, you like hundreds of others, may be looking out into your gardens, as people do every spring, wondering how you can spruce it up a bit ready for bbq’s and summer evening entertainment.

In an ideal world with unlimited time and money we would all have perfectly landscaped gardens with raised beds and atmospheric lighting, but for now, we have a solution that can be installed quickly and easily, at an affordable price but with maximum impact.

That solution….. a balustrade!

With our Premier system starting at only £200 a linear meter a simple stainless steel post and glass system can create a luxurious feel to your garden space, give a concrete, paving slab or decking area a real facelift, offer an element of privacy like a fence but without blocking out any light, or create a divider to separate areas of the garden off.

Installation of a simple stainless steel and glass balustrade system takes a matter of hours, and not only creates a huge visual impact, but also increases the value of your home, and makes the garden space more attractive to potential buyers.

The downside? The cleaning… it doesn’t clean itself and you are going to have to get outside with some baby oil and a soft cloth and rub that stainless steel down for about 15 minutes about twice a year (we know, its awful, but its worth it, promise.)

Installation is simple and can be achieved by any competent DIY enthusiast, or a local builder or handyman, and requires a couple of holes to be drilled for the base of the posts to be bolted to the floor, and simply the front of the clamps taken off, glass put in place and clamp fronts put back on.

We offer our posts in a range of colours and finishes so you can give your garden a real bespoke theme, whether that be sleek gun metal grey, sparkly purple, or even the colours of the rainbow for a fresh and funky feel! We also offer glass in a range of tints and finishes too, sandblasted for where there is a need for privacy, or tinted to match your taste, tints available in blue, grey and bronze. There is also the option of screen printed glass, crackle effect glass…….

In fact, the list is so endless…. its probably better if you talk to us about your dream balustrade and we will just make it a reality for you.