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Handrails Services

A Quality Handrail Installation Requires a Professional Service

If you are thinking about installing handrails as part of your home or even your business, you need to rely on a service that you can trust. Of course, there are many different installers out there who might promise the complete service but is this really the case?

After all, there is more to installing handrails than meets the eye and there are many factors that underpin a service that is not only reliable but also professional and thorough. Installing handrails requires expertise because they have to be fit for purpose. If they are installed incorrectly and cause injury or worse, then the ramifications of that will be severe. Therefore, at Rails Direct, we have gone above and beyond to prove that our service offers everything that our customers expect and deserve.

ISO 9001 Certified Guarantees Quality

We are now ISO 9001 certified and that means that we meet the specific requirements of this standard. For our customers, this means that we have a quality management system in place and that proves that we consistently deliver our service on a level that our customers expect as well as all the relevant regulations that we have to adhere to.

This will provide our customers with the confidence in our service and because we are fully certified, it ensures that our service is also driven to provide an exceptional level of customer satisfaction. However, we are always looking at ways in which we can improve as that also ensures that we meet the ISO 9001 requirements.

We Meet all Building Regulations

Of course, we cannot just install our handrails without doing any prior preparation work because that would put our customers at risk as well as our reputation. When we install handrails around the home both internally or externally as well as in the workplace, we have to make sure that we adhere to building regulations.

This means that our service has to follow the requirements put in place, ensuring that we install our products to the standards expected of us while also considering the impact it can have on individuals and public. We take this aspect of our role extremely seriously and so, we work with the relevant regulatory bodies to ensure that we always adhere to their requirements.

This is an aspect of our service that requires a certain attention to detail and that means that we have to be thorough in our approach and planning. For our customers, this provides complete peace of mind as they will have a clear insight into what we are doing and how our work meets the relevant regulations, providing them with products that they can trust and use for many years to come.

High-Quality Products and Service

When the time comes for you to have handrails installed, you need to have confidence in the service that you receive. This is a crucial part of the process because when there is a lack of quality in the products or the service, it means that everything else around it will not meet your expectations. Any reputable handrail installation company will take care of every aspect of their service and so, when the time comes for you to look for the right company, you need to do your research. Consider the quality of the products, testimonials and whether they are certified. All of this will ensure that the service you receive ticks every box and meets your specific needs. That is the exact reason why we

always ensure that our service is perfect in every way but also why we strive to improve where needed.

First Class Workmanship

Installing handrails is not a simple task. It takes the right planning because as good as our products look, they are there to carry out a job and so, they have to be fit for purpose. To ensure that that they meet the needs, they have to be installed correctly, using the right methods and the technology. This involves identifying the correct location before carrying out all preparation work. The installation should be professional, neat and it should be able to take the weight and strain that comes with heavy use. To achieve this, our team of experts work meticulously to ensure that the installation process is carried out with experience and knowledge leading the way.

Choosing a handrail installation company is all about identifying what they offer and how they can guarantee the perfect service from start to finish. That is something that we take great pride in at Rails Direct.