Glass Handrails

Glass Handrails Deliver Elegance and Beauty

Regardless of the property that you own, there is no doubt that you have worked hard to create a place that you can call your home. Naturally, you will want your home to look smart, impressive and have a certain element of kerb appeal and all of that can be achieved with the addition of glass handrails.

Whether you have a rooftop space, a balcony at the front or rear of your property or a raised patio, making it stand out is all about the right design and the right installation, which begins with glass handrails. When you have elevated areas that offer views, why obscure them when you can allow the natural light and views to come flooding into the area.

Glass Handrails Create the Feeling of Space

Maximising space is crucial in any home and the same can be said for outdoor living spaces. Opting to install glass handrails will enable you to lighten up your living space, where you can create a harmonious blend between the natural light and the world that surrounds you. In urban landscapes, glass handrails can create a sleek, elegant and modern look that compliments your surroundings but even if you live in the countryside, there is no doubt that glass handrails can really make a difference.

The mixture of glass and stainless steel delivers a look that is striking in every possible way without obscuring the views, enabling you to maximise your space, embracing all that surrounds you. It is a simple yet effective way to enhance your home but it will also capture the attention of everyone who sees it because that is the impact that glass handrails can have.

Why Glass Handrails are Perfect for you

Of course, the first and the most obvious advantage of having glass handrails installed is the fact that they offer maximum visibility. There are no balustrades blocking your view, just clear glass offering spectacular, expansive views over the landscape in front of you. If you are someone who wants to really make the most of your outdoor space then glass handrails are the ideal option.

However, glass handrails don’t just offer you views because they also block the wind. Making the most of any outdoor space is about ensuring that you can use it. If you have an area that is raised then it could be exposed to the wind and that can spoil your experience of using your outdoor space. So, glass handrails are created by using full glass panels and these work by blocking the wind and they can also help add some heat to the area in greenhouse-effect kind of way. Therefore, if your balcony or outdoor space is positioned in a cool area, glass handrails really can make a difference.

Safety is always a huge concern when using raised or elevated areas such as balconies, especially where children and pets are concerned. Glass handrails are not just about aesthetics because they are proven to enhance safety. As they are installed professionally and correctly it means that they are sturdy and with fewer gaps than other traditional types of handrails and balustrades, it means that they cannot squeeze through the gaps as there are not any.

Another benefit that they bring is that they are extremely low in maintenance. The glass and handrail are not painted, which instantly means that they will not need to be painted every year and because glass is not prone to corrosion, they will continue to look good throughout the year and beyond. The only maintenance the glass will require is a clean at regular intervals but they really are simple to keep clean.

Stylish and Desirable

On the whole, glass handrails offer so much that it is clear to see why people choose to have them installed. They have a stylish and modern appearance that make them highly desirable but they also make it possible to turn a bland outdoor space into one that breathes life and looks amazing in every possible way. Its transparency means that it blends in with the look and appearance of your home and that can often be difficult to achieve and because it is unobtrusive it simply does its job extremely well.

Creating that outdoor space is easier than many think and because glass handrails can be installed quickly, it means that an area or space can be transformed in no time at all.