Cleaning Stainless Steel

Cleaning your stainless steel handrail can seem like an annoying chore, but if you do it right it can be an extremely quick, simple and an oddly satisfying task. We have created some simple tips to help keep your handrails gleaming.

1) It’s worth investing in a professional stainless steel cleaner that will get the job done in no time. We recommend using the Dirtbusters professional stainless steel cleaner polish 5 litres for a streak free finish. It is very easy to use and extremely fast at drying.

2) It sounds obvious but using the right cloth is essential for creating shiny new handrails. We recommend using a damp cloth for cleaning and another dry cloth for buffing up the shine. We recommend the 20 Pack of Genuine Exel 10 Pink & 10 Blue Microfibre Magic Cleaning Cloths.

3) If your handrail is outdoors then you need to choose a good day to clean it. There is nothing more annoying than spending time to make your handrails look spotless, to then have it rain half way through all your hard work. Our advice is to choose a day that is not going to rain as you don’t want streaky rain drop marks onto your newly polished handrail.

4) Choose a day to clean your handrails when it’s going to be left alone, this will give it chance to properly dry and help keep it cleaner for longer. The longer you leave your handrail system alone to dry, the less likely it will attract new marks.